Hiii Music Lovers!

Thank you all so so much to those who supported my event; whether that was buying a ticket & being part of the madness or just being supportive throughout the process with your words- thank you! The night was an absolute success with over a huge 120 people turning up to have a few drinks & enjoy the DJs from 10-3am. The DJs projected their talent all night & did such an amazing job in maintaining such ecstatic, lively vibes 💥

It’s been a busy planning process transforming this event off paper and into reality however I loved every moment and was always reminded how passionate I am about working as a promoter- its a job where I would feel like I’m honoured to work doing my favourite hobby and for that I am even more motivated to strive for my place in the industry 👊🏼

Working with DJ events was so out of the norm for me however, I have loved every moment getting to expand my experiences & my understanding of different music & cant wait to share with you my next projects so keep your eyes open!!

Boomsday, you were awesome ✨

Em 🤘🏼


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